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It is the right of every person to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

"My one-on-one coaching service are geared towards you living in the recognition of natural well being and enjoying the Universal Law of abundance."
~ Steu Mann

For the majority of people, life seems to just happen automatically. It is as if life is a default setting that you travel through until you die and then life ends.

Throughout history we have seen and heard from distinguished and inspired people.

Those people, lead an inspired life - they are not living by default. Inspired people are creating life.

Life Coaching Services

Consulting Overview
When you recognize you are the architect of your experiences the quality of your personal excellence receives a significant upgrade.
Steu Mann
Personal Development Tools

Live The Secret Of Feeling Good

The most fundamental aspect of personal joy is feeling happy. Enjoyment is a simple experience, it only requires the consistent thinking of thoughts that make you feel better.

In other words, you cannot consistently think thoughts that harbor negative connotations and expect to feel good.

In my work accomplished with clients, this is the very first step to an expanded of personal excellence - implementing techniques that bring you to feel better about your life and your future.

These result far surpass the practice of “positive thinking” since the effort here is to develop within you life skills to enhance your abilities at architecting your life.

Personal Development Tools are methods and techniques to augment your personal excellence.

Life Coaching Services

Is it time for more clarity and accomplishing the results that you desire?

I am offering you a free 30 minutes phone/skype coaching session.

Life Coach Services

Steu Mann

Five common benefits people receive from my life coaching include …
1. Self Confidence
2. Improved Receptivity
3. Ability To Grasp New Ideas
4. Refinement In Manifestations
5. Greater Self Awareness & Personal Excellence

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Inspired Living

Personal Satisfaction

What does it take for you to live an inspired life?

When life seems to happen to you, it is those people that are able to recognize they are the architect of their experiences that inspire you to enjoyment, even in challenging times.

When you begin to study your open experiences you will find cycles. These cycles relate to the creation of perceptions. For example, the very first cycle can be termed at the “development phase” of everything in your life even when you are not aware of the cycle segments. The cycle segments are questions, research, clarity, recognition.

The results of this phase are identifying your desires.

It may not be so obvious to you at the present moment of how this cycle applies to your own life. That's due to the limited attention you have used to study your own nature - your habits, your perceptions. The art of self inquiry is a powerful tool in discovering your personal power.

To realize a superior experience of personal excellence you must be familiar with how you think and unfortunately this is not a skill that is taught in public education.

Introspection is the art of being able to uncover your own perceptions and behaviors. Great people throughout time have realized that thinking is the creative process that separates man from beast. The ability that you develop to steer your thinking, your thoughts one by one, will determine the degree of your personal excellence.

Evolving Your Life Expereinces

Believe it or not most people are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with uncovering their desires.

Desires are an evolving process. No one has one desire and then simply life’s life around satisfying that single desire. No, as life unfolds you are naturally called to new desires and new wanting.

This process of creating new desires is a natural law of the Universe.

The other important phase that integrates with the development phase is the “unfolding phase.” The cycle segments in this phase are desires, solutions, resonance, and inspired action. From this phase you begin to experience more and more thoughts turning to things. You may have sporadically experienced thoughts turning to things in your life already, but the intention of this consulting work is supplying you with the tools and techniques to consistently nave those experiences in all areas of your life.

Evolving Your Life Experiences
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    I like the results and the flow of working with you. Thanks!
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    I was skeptical at first but we have moved way beyond that, thanks for putting up with all my doubting.
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    Thank you Steu!